Webinar with Multiple Panelists in Grid View Not Showing

Our app has a view controller that is split up into two sections, with each being a navigation controller. We used the [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] setMobileRTCRootController method to present the zoom sdk on the top portion while having other views on the bottom portion (Screenshot 1). We have been able to successfully display zoom meetings with this setup, but ran into a problem when trying to display a webinar where there are multiple panelists presented in a grid view (Screenshot 2). In that webinar, there are four panelists presenting and if we view it in fullscreen, it shows all 4 panelists correctly (Screenshot 3). However, in our customized view, it only shows half face of the first two panelists (Screenshot 2).

It looks like the issue is that the sdk is laying out the webinar’s view using the entire device’s screen instead of just the navigation controller that was set. Is there any way we can make all four panelist’s video show completely just in the top navigation controller?

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  • Device: iPhone

Hi andy.ly,

Thanks for the post and the screenshot. Are you using Zoom default UI or the Custom UI? If you are using Zoom default UI, I am afraid the UI layout cannot be configured to the way you are mentioning. If you are using Custom UI, you have the full control of the UI you may do that. Please have a try with the custom UI feature in our demo app and see if that helps.