Weighted voting rights in Zoom polls

In a poll (or election) it is very common for people to have different voting rights, or voting weights. This is used everywhere from shareholder meetings, non-for-profit council meetings to home owner associations to the US Electoral College or the European Council.

The lack of Weighted Voting Rights prevents many organisations from using Zoom Polls in their meetings, forcing them to use external tools like ElectionBuddy or ElectionRunner. Using an external voting platform in a large online meeting is difficult and can lead to accidental attendees drop-out (attendee closes Zoom to vote, and can’t find the link to come back).


  • Add a Weighted Vote entitlement field in the registration process that gets populated by the hosting team. Must be able to handle the case where some people have no voting rights but are still allowed to attend the meeting and see the results;
  • Use the Weighted Voting Rights data when calculating and displaying intermediary and final results;

In addition, during a poll, have an option to either only display vote progress (how many votes have been entered, weighted) or display intermediary results.


Hi Stephen, 

That’s a great feature to have for voting rights. I’ll let our Engineers know about this and see if their is a timeline where we can release this feature. 


HI Michael, than you for the friendly note. I just realised that my two suggestions are not really developer oriented. Should I move them somewhere else?



Hi Stephen, 

Your suggestions are fine being listed here. You can also contact our support side for feature request as well. 

Hello, could you tell me if this feature weigthed votes on zoom is in process, and when will be available?

Any progress on this?

Hello - We also would be VERY interested in the polling software to be expanded to support weighted voting, and designated proxy votes. This request was from 2018. No response to the request for update in November 2020. Any solutions on the horizon?


Has there been any progress on this? Very useful feature for AGMs

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Any progress on this request – It is really needed for Condo Associations to use zoom. Don’t make us use a competitor please! Also, I would like to add the ability for the host to participate in the voting too.

Thank you,

Hi Following up on this - any development on a weighted vote / polling system in Zoom?

Also interested in this feature