What can trigger registrant name changes within meetings?

My platform handles registrations for regular Zoom meetings hosted by a client operating language classes. For this purpose, meetings are configured to require attendee registration in Zoom, with manual approval. My platform performs both the registration and approval steps using the Zoom API on acceptance of a new attendee.

Naturally, we use the ‘Add Meeting Registrant’ API as part of the above process. For this particular client, we prefix a language tag to the first name of the registrant as part of the payload for that API call. For example:

    "first_name":"[FR] John",

On reviewing the approved registrants list for the meeting before it takes place, all is well and the registrant names appear as expected. However, after every meeting, there is typically a small percentage of attendees in that same Approved Registrants list whose names no longer contain those language prefixes, and we are at a loss to explain why this is happening.

I thought perhaps this might be related to users who happen to have their own Zoom accounts linked to the same email address they used to register for the language class, and that being already logged into their Zoom client with that account before connecting to the meeting may result in their registrant name for the meeting provided by us being overridden with the name on their own Zoom account. This seems the most logical answer, since how else would Zoom know their non-prefixed name? However, I tried this myself, using a second account of my own on a separate device to the host machine, and the prefixed name supplied by my platform was retained upon my entry into the meeting. I have searched for any setting or option that might impact this behaviour but have found nothing obvious.

So, the question boils down to the subject line - what can trigger the registrant name of an approved attendee to change within the Approved Registrants list during the course of a Zoom meeting? Second, can we control or prevent this from happening in any way?

Points to note:

  • My platform does not make any Zoom API calls during the course of the meeting, or handle any web-hook notifications of any kind.
  • To date, I have not directly contacted any of the affected individuals regarding the matter (I would be stepping outside the bounds of GDPR to do so, for one thing), but I have no particular reason to think that they are intentionally changing their attendee names upon entry into the meeting - this would be counter-productive for the purposes of the class, and my client likely would have already addressed this with them if so.


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Add Meeting Registrant
Update Meeting Registrant Status

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
I can provide specific meeting and registrant details for a past meeting to aid in investigations via DM if it is helpful.

Hi @johnrix ,

Thanks for reaching out about this. While it’s tough to know for certain, I should note that there are a few different scenarios in which the display name of a user can change from what they registered with—both of which I believe you’ve touched on:

  • They could be updating their display name in the meeting—this would be the most common explanation
  • If they joined the meeting as a guest, without using the unique join url for their registration, their registration information would not be applied
  • If they were already logged into Zoom with another account, this could override their display name

While these would be the most common scenarios, let me know if you still have further questions for us!


Hi @will.zoom,

thanks for getting back to me. Given that the meetings in question require registration, I don’t think option 2 there is a possibility.

Regarding the last option, is there some specific condition under which this might occur? As mentioned, I’ve tried to reproduce it myself, but the name I was registered with for the meeting was honored when I joined the meeting, rather than my own name as recorded on my Zoom account being applied.

By the way, I’m not 100% certain on this off-hand, but I believe there was one particular name I noticed came up across at least two meetings as having lost their language prefix, which does at least lend some credence to the third option.


Hey @johnrix,

  • If they were already logged into Zoom with another account, this could override their display name

This would occur if they were already logged into the Zoom client under a different account and joined the meeting from this other account.

Having said this, if you have specific users/examples, our Technical Support team should be able to verify exactly which scenario might have occurred for you. Can you share these details with them directly here?


Thanks @Will. Have done so now.

Thanks, @johnrix — someone should be in touch with you shortly!


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