Zoom username change before meeting

Me as a Zoom admin, would like to ensure that the participants joining the meeting do enter their names in a specific format e.g. First Name, last name, 4 digit passport Number, before they join the meetings I set up, so that I can ensure I have a clear, data on their names and identity required otherwise.

Additional context
This is mandatory due to some regulations. We do remind them once the meeting starts, but many keep on forgetting it or don’t do it properly. Thats why we want to ensure that their Zoom Names are according to the regulations. This has to be for the web as well as for the app possible. The Window should Display the message: Please enter your First Name, Last name and 4 last digits of your passport. Once they hit ok, they can join the meeting.

Thank you all for your replies

Hi @apps3,

The best way to handle this would be to require registration for these meetings. This would require participants to submit certain details prior to the meeting. You could then query these programmatically using our Registration APIs as well:

Let me know if it helps, thanks!

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