Persistent screen names across all of Zoom Events?

Hi all, first post here and have a unique use case I’m trying to figure out.

We plan to use external registration for our Zoom Events and pre-register them via api and allow authentication with just email (no zoom account required).

Some of our attendees will use emails associated with Zoom accounts. Some will not. People who attend our events are also users of our software. When we pre-register people for the event, we want to add (to their last name) what their @handle is on our platform so that other attendees know who they are in the context of our own platform/community. For example, “John Smith @johnny19”. It also allows us to use Zoom OSC with unique ID’s for everyone built into their username that can easily 1:1 map to our user database.

We can simply append that to their last name when pre-registering them, and that should work. We can also configure the Zoom Events setting under event experience → Meeting & Webinar → “Attendees can change screen names” to not allow them to change their screen names. However, my questions are:

  • (1) What about their networking profile / in the lobby?
  • (2) What if the email they used (with our external registration system, that we pre-registered via api) is connected to their Zoom account and they have just “John Smith” as their official name in Zoom? Will that rename them automatically to John Smith and get rid of @johnny19, despite the aforementioned rename setting?
  • (3) Bonus question - is there a better way to get persistent ID’s through Zoom OSC or via webhooks that we can map 1:1 to pre-registrants (that are users in our own platform)?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @rtu
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy you are here!
This is an interesting use case.
I would think that if they have a Zoom account already, the networking profile in the lobby will be the one they have set up in their own account.
I do not think that if they use the email that they have connected to their Zoom account, it will rename them if you are appending the @johny19 in your registration form (at least this won’t change on your end if that makes sense, it won’t change in your reports lets say)

I think that a good way to track participants is by leveraging the registrant_id but just to clarify, you are talking about Zoom Events, not meetings or webinars, correct?