What does "plan_storage_exceed" represent in the Get Plan Usage endpoint


I was trying to understand what the “plan_storage_exceed” in the “plan_recording” object of API endpoint represent?

If this represents the extra storage used, how does the pricing work in this case?

Endpoint: /accounts/{accountId}/plans/usage
Object: plan_recording > plan_storage_exceed

Thanks in advance.

Hey @akankshkn91,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m not positive how our pricing works when you exceed the allocated recording storage. This sounds like something our Customer Support Team can help out with.


Hi @MaxM ,

Thanks for the clarification. I will reach out to the Customer Support team to understand the pricing.

So just to confirm “plan_storage_exceed” in the “plan_recording” object of API endpoint represents the extra storage used right? (Extra Storage used after consuming all the storage(free) included in the plan)


Hey @akankshkn91,

Great, I’m glad you have a path foward.

Yes, that’s correct.


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