What is the differences between custCreate and Create?

Hello! I’d like to ask regarding user creation. So what’s the difference between the user that created using create action and custCreate action from the ISV package? These are the differences that I got:

  • create
    Creates account basic - where zoom sends an email for activation. Similar to users management on Zoom Dashboard.

  • custCreate
    Creates user that is not linked to any Zoom account but still able to host a meeting using start_url and join_url from the Meetings API. And we are only able to create this kind of user through Users API (?)


Which Endpoint?
POST /users

Hi @shabanzo,

The primary difference here is that custCreate users will not be able to login to the Zoom UI — they exist only as users that can be leveraged programmatically. They are still however associated with an account like an ordinary user.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

Got it! Thank you @will.zoom!

Glad I could help clarify :slight_smile:

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