Zoom User API CustCreate


I am using the Zoom SDK to propose meetings to the users of my web application. I am working for now in a dev environment using a free Zoom license and I would like to create some users for my account. I understand i can use the “CustCreate” method to do so, and to manage these users on my side without using the users email. Is it possible to use this method for a free account ?

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Hi @luca_del

Yes this is correct. Here’s more details:

To enable custCreate, you need to reach out to our ISV team: Zoom ISV Partner Program | Zoom

They have the most up to date info on requirements to use. I will also follow up with them internally. Please let me know if you are able to reach them and what they saw so I can get our docs updated :slight_smile:

Hello @gianni.zoom ,
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I have tried to contact them but they didnt reply to me. I dont have a company created, i am building the platform in a dev environment.
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Okay I will follow up internally and get back to you! @luca_del

@luca_del , when was the last time you reached out? Have you followed up to your initial inquiry?

Hi @gianni.zoom,
Thank you for your assistance,
I had a call today with @vladimir.matveev. I am a bit confused on whether he is part of ISV team and who i should reach out to now. Could you please cross-check with him ?
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Hi Luca! He is an Account Executive at Zoom. I’ve followed up with him internally and he will be able to connect you with what you need to use custCreate. Please continue corresponding with him :slight_smile: