Unable to use custCreate action

We’re building an app for creators and we’d like to use zoom for live meetings between creators and subscribers.
Here’s how the expected flow looks like →

  1. Creator joins our platform
  2. We create a zoom sub-account corresponding to this creator
  3. When the creator wants to start a live meeting, we use the corresponding zoom sub-account to create a zoom meeting
  4. Share the join url with all the subscribers
  5. Before every meeting ends (40 minutes duration), we plan to upgrade each sub-account to a licensed plan.

The problem we’re facing currently is we can’t custCreate new users through the API as we’re not a part of the ISV program. Is there any way to bypass this problem? If not, are there any other strategies we can use to fulfill our requirements? We can’t use the create action as that involves confirmation through email and it breaks our flow.

Hi @shravanbharatdoda
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

I see that you are trying to use the “custCreate” action to create users under your account; and as you are aware by now, you will need to contact our ISV sales team to have this enabled in your account.

Unfortunately there is no way to bypass this issue, when creating users under your account with “create” action, the confirmation is needed and there is no way to avoid this step.

Have a great weekend!

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