What is the userId in Create a Meeting API?

I have created a oAuth app in MarketPlace, and able to get the response from the Create a Meeting API by passing ‘me’ param, I want to know what is the available value for the “userId” in the URI, and what is the difference?
Given if our company has a SSO in Zoom, can we leverage the SSO for the userID to create a meeting id automatically? Thanks so much.


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I created a oAuth2 app in marketplace, named VideoAppmtProtoType, and can use the client id and secret to generate token to get the service response by passing ‘me’, but just not sure what is the userId I need to use for my business scenario.

Which Endpoint/s?
POST /users/{userId}/meetings

Business Scenario
want to call API OR use SDK to generate meeting id automatically, and can share the meeting ID between A and B with password, A and B can join the meeting and get started the meeting without host join, and without authentication needed(no login info required)

Hi @451747057, the userID can either be the Zoom User ID (retrieved via the List Users API) or the email of the user.

With admin-level ability to create and manage meetings for all users on the account, any user with your app installed can create meetings using the API (with the end-user’s userID specified in the path).

Thank you Michael for the answers.

here is the further questions,

  1. I see there is a limitation as daily rate limit of 100 requests per day, may I know if any possibility to increate the requests time form Zoom, is it related to the user/account type?
  2. given is our company has a SSO in Zoom now, can we leverage the SSO info to call the create meeting API?


Hi @451747057, this limit is in place for security to protect against an app scheduling or updating bulk meetings for a user who has authorized an app to do so. We understand the limitation it can place, and look to understand the business case on an individual level before changing it. I’ll DM you for more details.

Yes, you can use SSO ID fields as userIDs.

Thank you Michael for your great support.

good to know we can use SSO Id as userId to call “Create a Meeting” API, I need to confirm and expose the SSO info to you later.

here is some further more info required, could you kindly help on it? Thanks.

Business Scenario:
Given our company has a SSO setup in Zoom, and we every associates can use xxx.zoom.us to log into our Zoom account for now.
Business needs is, we are implementing a web feature, which needs to call create a meeting API to generate meeting ID automatically by input the SSO userId as parameter.

Question here is,

  1. for the SSO userId passed to call create meeting API, is it an associate level SSO userId, or it is a company level SSO suerId, could you kindly confirm it? Thanks.
  2. base on your answer to above question, is it possible to change the time limitation from 100 to 8-10K (including Schedule, Cancel, Re-Schedule from business prospective)per day if it is company level SSO user ID? Thanks.
  3. if we are going to use SSO Id as userID to call the create a API, do we need to create a oAuth2.0 app in Marketplace? or could you kindly elaborate the whole process on how we can consume the Zoom API to generate meeting ID automatically? Thanks.

Really appreciated your great support as always. hope can get a detailed guidance for the whole process on how we can leverage Zoom API. Thanks

Hey @451747057,

Can you confirm what you mean by associate / company level?

Yes that is possible, with a discussion with sales/provisioning team.

If you want this to be internal to your company, you can use a JWT App, which does not need to be published to the marketplace.

If you want to share your integration with other Zoom users and companies then you would need to publish it to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile: