What is this? Zoom demanding full Google Calendar read/write access from users. How can I avoid?

Apropos zoomDOTus/webinar/register/ pages

We’re seeking clarity. In this

screenshot, with the box unchecked, users don’t understand what’s being allowed if they click Allow, i.e. when it says:
You are allowing Zoom to:


Is/must zoom be super-demanding of permissions in Google Calendar?

We don’t understand the prompt shown in the attached screenshot, which is what we see at https://accounts.google.com/signin/oauth/consentsummary?authuser=0&part=[snipped]&as=S268438376%3A1601844628911066&rapt=[snipped]&approvedScope
which is reached from clicking Add to calendar … Google Calendar at a https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/ link. What does clicking [Allow] allow?

Users do NOT want to give zoom full read and write access to their calendars merely to add an event. I DO NOT normally see prompts like this when trying to add an event to a google calendar with other APIs.

Hey @Jesus,

Based on the screenshot, it looks like you’re using the Zoom for GSuite Add-On—is that right? If so, this message will be displayed the first time you use the Add-On:

If you do not wish to allow Zoom access to your Google Suite via this Add-On, you can uninstall this. Zoom does need read/write access in order to add meeting events/details seamlessly as part of this integration.

If you have additional questions about this Add-On, you can also reach out to Zoom Support, as they’re best suited to assist with this functionality.

I hope this helps,

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