What permissions does a Zoom Access Token grant?

I’m working on an application that helps users start their Zoom meetings without manually logging into Zoom. An hour before the meeting is scheduled to begin, we email the start_url to the meeting host.

If I understand correctly, the Zoom Access Token (ZAK) at the end of the start_url is what enables a user to start and host the meeting without logging in. Does the ZAK give the user any other abilities? For example, if a user who is not logged into the Zoom Client (desktop) or Zoom Web Client (at zoom.us) clicks a meeting’s start_url, will they then be able to update their account settings via either the desktop or web client?

Hi @IsaacD,

The ZAK token is used for starting/joining meetings. These will not allow users access to the Web UI on behalf of another account.

Let me know if this helps to clarify, thanks!

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