Hosts cant use start_url without needing to login even though zak param exists in it

Hi guys

We are creating meetings using JWT and the “/meetings” API but we have an issue that when we start the meeting using the url returned in the “start_url” param we are required to be logged in the host account:

(Im unable to upload images directly here for some reason)

As you see in the screenshot the ZAK param exists in the url:[REDACTED]

We tried this with multiple accounts are we have the same results.

the start_url is not expired as we only just created the meeting before the screenshot

the behavior am looking for is to give the hosts a special link differently and other users can use the join_url

is there any way to bypass the login and start the meeting just by having the link and to my understanding this is the expected behavior using the type of url we are using in the example?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @a.abusall ,

I redacted parts of your post for security reasons. Could you please share the full API request and response (with sensitive information obscured) so I can better see what may be going on?