What type of application I need to create in marketplace

I need to build a desktop app (with Rust/ Tauri in backend , and React/typescript in frontend) that creates a meeting on app load, then just displays participants in the Joining and Waiting Screen (The UI is very different from native zoom meeting UI, so most likely I don’t need a meeting SDK, and need to implement my own meeting screen, via Video SDK? could you please confirm ) .
While investigating a lot of documentation , I am still confused on those questions,

  • What type of application I need to create in APP marketplace - OAuth vs. Meeting SDK vs. Server-to-Server OAuth vs. Video SDK ? and for what need?
  • Do I need to publish the apps or I can test my development app?
  • Do I need a pro account in development phrase ?
  • Do I need to buy Video SDK, or Meeting SDK for development phrase ?
  • Can I make all REST API calls from frontend (including access tokens, etc) , or it necessary to be called from backend side?

Thank you!

Hi @sirarpi.manukyan

Seems like you want to create a web application with customized UI.
Here’s my recommendation.

  1. Use Video SDK for Web
    This is not cross compatible with Zoom Meeting, in other words, all your users will need to join the meeting via the same web application you have created.

How do I create a meeting? On Video SDK, you don’t need to schedule a meeting beforehand. The host will create a session (Video’s SDK equivalent of meeting), giving it a sessionName and a password (optional). Users will need the sessionName and password to join.

You just need a Video SDK account. This is a free signup with 10,000 minutes free monthly. After that you will need to create a Video SDK app on marketplace.zoom.us

  1. Use Meeting SDK for Web

You will want to use Meeting SDK for Web, specifically component view to customize your look and feel of your application. This is compatible with Zoom meeting. Users on Zoom Client Desktop / Mobile can join your meeting with the meeting number and password.

On marketplace.zoom.us you will need minimally 2 applications.
You will need to use OAuth or Server-to-Server Oauth app type to schedule a meeting using REST API calls.
You will also need Meeting SDK App Type to authenticate your Meeting SDK for Web

You do not need a pro account for development, free account would work.

Can i make REST API calls from front end? Technically yes, practically you should not. As you will need auth tokens to call the REST api, this would mean that your front end will have access to the tokens in clear text format.

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Thank you for your response it clarifies a lot, e.g I need use Meeting SDK for Web and Server-to-Server Oauth , since my users needs to be compatible with Zoom Meeting, and join via zoom apps.

But for now what I need is, to just have waiting screen in my app (e.g host did not started the meeting yet), where I display the list of participants who are waiting for the meeting to start, and who has joined with the link from host.

I am not finding any api in Meeting SDK , which just returns the list of waiting users , who has joined via their zoom apps.

Could you please clarify if this is doable via Meeting SDK ?

Thanks a lot !!

@sirarpi.manukyan ,

You might need a webhook app, or a webhook notification within your meeting SDK application. This is the even you would be looking for

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@chunsiong.zoom as I understand , I can enable webhooks events from my Server-to-Server OAuth app , by enabling Event Subscriptions . But for that it requires Event notification endpoint URL, which must be publicly accessible https endpoint url .

My app is just a desktop app without any other services. Does this means I need another backend service, which will be deployed to production and provide that URL? And then I connect to that service?
Or any other ways, or api’s (since I see websokets are not supported right now )?

Thank you, much appreciated your support!

@sirarpi.manukyan yes you will probably need a backend service for this

@chunsiong.zoom everything worked in my side thanks for your time!!

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