What will happen to Meeting SDK key/secret when updating app to OAuth?


I noticed that with information about deprecation of JWT tokens and applications based on JWT, also in the developer interface: exclamation mark icon (! Update) appeared next to our MeetingSDK application

It says:
Your SDK app uses a JWT method, which will need to be replaced by an OAuth method. By clicking “Update App”, you confirm that your app will be updated to use OAuth.

This MeetingSDK was created about 4 years ago and key and secret are used in native mobile apps (iOS and Android).
I am afraid that when updating to OAuth as suggested current key/secret will be dropped or regenerated and because of that - current mobile applications using them will stop working.

Could anyone explain in more detail what will happen when I click Update App to OAuth on this MeetingSDK app?
I would like to know it will require updating key/secret on mobile apps side - this way I can plan migration without downtime.

hi @kamil.szczesny ,
Thanks for this question. If the ‘update’ flag you’re seeing matches the one shown in this article (under header “Detailed steps to complete migration”, second screenshot shows the update flag), clicking update should not break the functionality of your application, but instead add OAuth capability to it.

Please let me know if this article is helpful and answers your question.