When adding meeting registrants via API, the returned 'join_url' does not work

We have several Zoom meetings with registration-enabled. To register, our participants are filling out a survey in our survey tool (Qualtrics), and Qualtrics is making a REST POST request to add people as registrants to a meeting.

This seems to work fine - the response includes the join_url value, the customer gets a confirmation email (with the same join url included), and we can see them as approved registrants when looking at the meeting from the Zoom host account.

Despite this, the join urls simply do not work - whenever someone clicks them (from their email), they are brought into the meeting but blocked by a prompt to register or log in. There is no authentication on this meeting, so logging in is not required.

If we bypass our Qualtrics survey and have users register via the raw Zoom form, they will get a second email with a new join url. This one works as expected.

So it seems like the ‘join url’ links generated from the REST API simply don’t work, even though I can’t find any issue or reason why.

Has anyone experienced this? Any insight?

Thank you!

Hi @lmacarthur

Hope you are doing great!
Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this behavior?
If so, could you please open up a ticket here:

And share with us an example of a failing join_url so we can troubleshoot this further?
Could you please also share the Post request that you are sending to create add registrants to a meeting (request body)

Thanks a lot,

Hi Elisa, thanks, we just resolved this. The problem was that our Qualtrics survey didn’t require all questions to be answered, but the questions were marked Required in the Zoom meeting settings.

The registrants were marked registered/approved, but didn’t have answers for all the required questions. Once I updated the questions to make them NOT required, the join urls started working.

So, this was an oversight on my part, but for the record Zoom API should probably block the registration POST request from going through in the event that required questions aren’t answered (maybe this is difficult to do with custom questions)?

Hi @lmacarthur
Happy to hear you resolved this on your end.
Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure to pass your feedback to the appropriate team.
Elisa :slight_smile: