When does Personal Meeting URL get set during User activation?

My project overview:
Users push a button and create their own Zoom account. We post to v2/users to create a User. They get an activation email in their email. When they activate their account, the activation event triggers our webhook that gets their personal zoom link.

The Issue:
Not all users have a personal meeting link when their account is created and activated. In these cases, we query v2/users/{userId} to get their account. The response from this query sometimes does not have a personal meeting link or personal meeting ID (they are listed as empty strings). This happens most frequently when someone uses OAuth to authenticate and has not opened their profile page.

When does the personal meeting URL get set in the lifecycle of a created user? Why doesn’t it get set in the above circumstances?

How should I get their personal meeting URL when I GET a User and they don’t have a personal meeting link? Is the best way to do this to update a user’s PMI via update user settings: PATCH to v2/users/{userId}?

Hey @zoomaccounts,

Since the user sets their own personal meeting id / url, if they don’t have one yet, you can update it on their behalf, or prompt them to set one.

Or you can subscribe to the user updated webhook to get notified if they add / change it.