When participants joining webinar, joining time out error occured!

When participants are trying to join webinar, we were facing joining timeout error.

When check chrome developer console, I found out this error.

“FailedFromWeb, REQUEST_RET_CONF_TOKEN_INVALID,131010 , conf token string from Conf/j is empty or can’t be generated to ConfToken instatance”

Could someone help me with this out, please? This happened on web, ios and android.

I have same issue, even upgrade to latest 2.11.0, the issue still happen.

same issue
who can help us

I have another thing to add here. If I removed registration required setting, it worked. But if added, even registrants can’t join.

Thanks, @hninnu , same, If i uncheck the registration setting, it works for me. Even using GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-web-sample: Zoom Meeting SDK web sample example code with my sdkKeys, but if checked, both production and the sample code are not working.

yes. uncheck the registration setting it’s working .but we need registration

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@hninnu we add tk parameter in join function,it’s working aging

Same issue what’s the solution for this?