Unable to join Webinar as attendee(Timeout error)

We created a webinar from the zoom website(https://zoom.us/webinar/) and in our application, we used New MeetingSDK(2.0.1) to conduct a webinar for all the attendees and Organizer, but the problem is attendee’s unable to join this webinar and they are getting an error message saying “Joining webinar timeout, fail to join meeting” whereas the organizer can easily join to that webinar without any problem.
so please help us to solve this issue

Browser Console Error
No browser error

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

Some Code snippets
For Meeting Config :
const meetingConfig = {
apiKey: process.env.REACT_APP_ZOOM_API_KEY,
meetingNumber: meetingnumber,
userName: name,
passWord: password,
leaveUrl: process.env.REACT_APP_APP_URL,
role: role,
userEmail: role ? “admin@zerodistance.io” : email,
lang: “en-US”,
china: 0,

Getting Signature :
function getSignature() {
const signature = ZoomMtg.generateSignature({
meetingNumber: meetingnumber,
apiKey: process.env.REACT_APP_ZOOM_API_KEY,
apiSecret: process.env.REACT_APP_ZOOM_API_SECRET,
role: role,
success: function (res) {
document.getElementById(“zmmtg-root”).style.display = “block”;
console.log(res.result, res, “signature”);
return signature;

Zoom Init Function :
function beginJoin(signature) {
leaveUrl: meetingConfig.leaveUrl,
disableCORP: !window.crossOriginIsolated, // default true
// disablePreview: false, // default false
success: function () {
meetingNumber: meetingConfig.meetingNumber,
userName: meetingConfig.userName,
signature: signature,
apiKey: meetingConfig.apiKey,
userEmail: meetingConfig.userEmail,
passWord: meetingConfig.passWord,
customerKey: localStorage.getItem(“id”) + “>>>” + meetingID,
success: function (res) {
console.log(“join meeting success”, res);
console.log(“get attendeelist”, ZoomMtg);
success: function (res) {
console.log(“success attendee”, res);
success: function (res) {
console.log(“success getCurrentUser”, res.result.currentUser);
console.log(“meeting infooo”, ZoomMtg.getCurrentMeetingInfo({}));
error: function (res) {
error: function (res) {

Hope this information helps to solve our problem.


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: In all desktop’s, laptops and mobile’s
  • OS: Windows 10, Andriod and iOS and MacOs
  • Browser: In All the browsers

Additional context
the same problem with meeting also, again Organizer can join easily but attendee gets timeout error.

@MaxM hope that the above information helps you to solve our problem.

Hey @Zerodistance,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Are you seeing any errors in the browser console when you see this error?


I recently faced this issue as well? is there some sort of update to the SDK? btw i’m using the CDN version https://source.zoom.us/2.0.1/lib


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Can you able to share if are you seeing any errors in the browser console when you see this error?


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