Where do I find the Redirect URL?

I have a dev that is trying to integrate stitch with Zoom and we don’t know what to put for the Redirect URL.

Here is the guide from the 3rd party app but it doesn’t ever specify the redirect URL

@john.morrow Hope you will be fine.

You type of integration you are trying to achieve with Zoom

  • OAuth App
  • SDK

OAuth is what we are using

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Yes, we are trying to create an OAuth app.

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Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

From the Zoom side perspective, you need a Redirect URL where you will be redirected once you have authorized/added the Oauth application within your account. You can use the home URL of your website and please make sure to also add it in your Allow List.

If you have any questions related to Stitch, you will have to reach out directly to the Development team from Stitch to help you troubleshoot their integration.

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@john.morrow here are the sessions regarding the complete OAuth flow from configuration to get access and refresh tokens → P1 & P2.

I beleive the redirect URL is our companies zoom url. Is that true? I tried putting https://company.zoom.us and it still shows as invalid URL.

Have you tried with your company’s url?
Not with zoom.us domain, but just your company’s @john.morrow

@john.morrow as @elisa.zoom mentioned please verify as below

Development :point_down:

Production :point_down:

Redirect URL must be in the allowed list :point_down:

And you also need to encode your redirect URL before authorization as a NodeJS snippet here :point_down:


Hope that answers if still issue please reply. Thanks

Hello Elisa,

I have created OAUTH App but I am not understanding the Event notification endpoint URL [production] how to make it or generate it I have read many references but not getting any exact solution please solve this issue as soon as possible.

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This thread has been solved. Please open up a new one and feel free to tag me there, and make sure to share more details about the issue. I do not understand your question.