Get Participants data using API on joining Meeting/Webinar webhooks

We have an OAuth application published. Application has a subscription for Participants to join webinar/meeting events.
When we receive the webhook, in the payload there isn’t all the data we need, for example, no First Name and Last Name.
Anyway, using the user_id or the id field we could retrieve these data using API calls to endpoints “Get Past Meeting Participants”, “Get Meeting Participants Report” or “Get Webinar Participants Report”.
But in all cases, to retrieve data, it is necessary that the meeting/webinar is ended.

The question is: is it possible to obtain Participants full data in real-time when they join the meeting/webinar? If it is possible, please could you help me to understand how we can implement it using Webhook and API?

Which Endpoint/s?

Thanks, Matteo.

Hey @devs, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

This is only possible if the webinar attendees are users on your Zoom Account.

After reciving the Particpant Joined Webinar Webhook, you can use the id to call GET /user/{userId} passing in the id as the user_id to get all the information about that user.


A possible solution, but requires coding on your end:

You could keep track/store who registered for the Webinar using the Webinar Registration Created or Approved Webhook (which contains more info like the registrants name) then compare the id to the user_id from the Participant Joined Webhook to find the name of the participant.

Let me know if this helps!