Which browser versions to support for Zoom Apps?

Which browsers are used in the Zoom Client and what are the oldest versions that are supported? I’d like to make sure we are using a polyfill that covers all the Zoom App browsers.

For example, I understand on Mac it uses WKWebView, which is based on Safari. What is the oldest OS / Safari version that Zoom Apps supports?

Even better, do you have the browserslist configuration for supporting Zoom Apps browsers?

Hi I just wanted you to know we are working on a good answer to this. The reason it’s complicated is we use 3 embedded browsers.

On Windows we use:

  • WebView2 if it’s installed by the OS
  • CEF if it’s not available

On Mac we use:

  • WKWebView

Each of these browsers has a different set of features.

  • WebView2 is basically equivalent to the version of Edge installed by Windows Update. So it depends on the user’s OS version number.
  • CEF is updated by us, is basically equivalent to Chrome and is currently around 101, but we’re looking into if someone hasn’t updated Zoom what is the minimum CEF version.
  • WKWebView is basically equivalent to the version of Safari installed by Apple Software Update. So that should be minimum version Safari 10.1.2 [edit: because WKWebView starts support at MacOS 10.10]

I hope this gets you an interim answer while we do some research. Thank you.

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