Which webhook fires when a participant joins a meeting by dialing in (via phone)?

I want to know when a user/participant joins a meeting by dialing in (via phone) - is there a webhook that fires whenever a user/participant joins by dialing in? if yes, which webhook fires?

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I believe the only available event that we have for users joining meetings would be meetings.participant_joined and there is no information on the payload that points to the way the participant is joining or dialing in.

I will look around our docs to see if there is any other event that you could use.

Hi @shri.bhartia
Actually, we have the QSS (Quality of Service Subscription) events and I found that in the meeting.participant_data payload you will be getting more information about the way the participant joined a meeting.

To have access to these endpoints and events, you would need to reach out to our Sales team here:

Hope this helps!

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