Why does the Zoom web player work for everyone except the people who need to see it?

We have implemented the zoom web player in a project. We can see it’s working on all modern browsers.

But our clients - the people that actually need to use it - can’t see it. Instead they see this message: https://snipboard.io/GhY0JQ.jpg

And here is the console readout: https://snipboard.io/crepWU.jpg

SDK version = zoom-meeting-embedded-2.3.5.min.js

Hi, @web_zoom,

Welcome to the Developer Forum. Based on the error, it looks like the root cause of the issue is Invalid parameters are set for the Join function. Can you share a screenshot of what is set in the join function of the SDK?


Hi @donte.S - see here https://i.snipboard.io/QCoW2G.jpg