Why I get error code 152 in ios sdk?

ret = [ self.meetingService joinMeetingWithDictionary:paramDict];
this api return error code: 152
///The user joins already another ongoing meeting.

Which version?

I use ios default UI, I have no idea why I can get this error code. I believe user has no chance to join another meeting when he/she is in a active meeting.

If I can call some API to exit from other meeting when I get this error code ?

Hi guan_bj,
Thanks for the post. Do you mean you would like to know if there is an interface that lets your user to exit the current meeting and join another meeting while receiving this error code?


Hi Carson
In fact I have two questions.

  1. why I get 152 error code, since I use zoom default UI no customized UI. With default UI I think user has no chance to switch meeting unless user leave previous one and join next one.

  2. when I get 152 code, how can I handle this issue gracefully?
    last night, I add some code which doing leave meeting before join any meeing.
    like this:

if([ self.meetingService getMeetingState] == MobileRTCMeetingState_InMeeting)
[self.meetingService leaveMeetingWithCmd: LeaveMeetingCmd_Leave];
//then do join action …

I find another issue that I can’t join new meeting if I don’t call “[_authService sdkAuth]” again.
In my previous code policy, I will set a flag which indicates ‘authService sdkAuth’ successfully in

  • (void)onMobileRTCAuthReturn:(MobileRTCAuthError)returnValue call back.
    when user switches to new meeting I always skip “[_authService sdkAuth]”. Unfortunately user always joins failed after I call join " [self.meetingService joinMeetingWithDictionary:paramDict];". In this case there is no any callback notification even a error after calling joinMeetingWithDictionary.

Now I always do “[_authService sdkAuth]” and it works well in switching meeting.

Hi guan_bj

your first question: In the same device(One device), you can’t join another meeting when you in a meeting. if you do this, you will get 152 error code, it’s means MobileRTCMeetError_InAnotherMeeting.

your second question: if you get the MobileRTCMeetError_InAnotherMeeting, you can tip to some word like "you are in the meeting ", it’s just your UI operation.

BTW, leaveMeetingWithCmd This action is an async operation. when you get call back in - (void)onMeetingStateChange:(MobileRTCMeetingState)state; and state = MobileRTCMeetingState_Idle, That means you’re actually leaving the meeting.

SDK Auth only needs to be called once when the application starts, and you can receive a callback to the successful Auth, which is the premise of everything.

Thanks for using our SDK
Murray Li