Why is there no Xamarin SDK

Why are there not Xamarin libraries for Android and iOS? The userbase is larger than some of the others you support.

Please consider this

Hi @MarketAlly we developed a nuget package to support xamarin android. You can have a look here GitHub - VisualService/Xamarin.ZoomSDKBinding: A xamarin forms binding for the zoom sdk

Hi Adam, I’m using Xamarin.ZoomBinding recently for a personal project but somehow the library stops working. I’m planning to try VisualService/Xamarin.ZoomSDKBinding but I’m finding it hard to put things together, by any chance you have a sample project that I can use?

Hi @chris11

I don’t have a sample project but if you want to ask a specific question you could add an issue on the GitHub repo and I can have a look. It doesn’t support iOS yet just to be clear, only Android.