Why meeting invitation not work

我使用付费的用户通过会议api创建了邀请的链接, 将这个链接设置到我的一个页面上, 但是我在苹果ipad上面, 使用safari访问这个页面点击邀请链接时, 会自动唤起zoom app, 但是参会人名字未能按照我在创建邀请链接时设置的名字参会, 而是显示的是我的ipad设备的名字, 同时在启动会议的web页面点击浏览器加入, 参会人的名称也不会自动填充为我在创建邀请链接时的名字, 请帮我排查确认一下

I used paid users to create the invite Link through the Conference API and set it to one of my pages, but when I clicked on the invite Link on Apple’s ipad, using safari to access the page, zoho automatically calls up the zoom app, but instead of attending the event under the name I set when I created the invite Link, the name of my ipad device is displayed, at the same time in the start of the meeting on the web page click the browser to join, the names of participants will not automatically fill for me in the creation of the invitation link name, please help me identify

call api:
“attendees”: [
“name”: “hen chang de mi”
“ttl”: 86400

Hi @jianlong.chen ,

Are you logged into the Zoom iPad client when joining the meeting with the user info you used to set up the meeting?


No, I wanted to be able to automatically join a meeting without the user logging in. I tested signing up for a meeting, which was fine, but for an invite link, the name doesn’t come out in certain situations, and I’m confused

没有, 我希望可以让用户不登录的情况下自动加入会议, 我测试了一下使用注册加入会议的方式, 该方式没有问题, 但是对于邀请链接来说, 名字在某些场景下不能解析出来, 我感觉比较困惑

Hi @jianlong.chen ,

When done this way, the name is based on what you last had on the device client. Can you set your name as you’d like it to appear on the client and then try again please? I believe this should help resolve it.

Thank you.

但是我在创建会议邀请链接的时候填写了参会人的名字了呀, 为什么会去取设备上最后一次参会的名字呢

But I filled in the name of the person who attended the meeting when I created the invitation link. Why did I pick the name of the last meeting on the device

If you are unable to attend the meeting, check out these items: If you’re on a desktop or mobile device, make sure you have the Zoom Client installed and it’s up to date. See which version of Zoom am I running?

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