Why MeetingPropertyCmd_Topic not returning the topic if user is awaiting in a waiting room


We found, that meetingService.getMeetingProperty(MeetingPropertyCmd_Topic) is not returning the meeting’s topic if user is in a waiting room.

Are we doing something wrong? Should we use object from different class than ZoomSDKMeetingService in order to get this data when user is in the waiting room?

Currently it’s working fine only when user is admitted by the host.
Can we request a feature to be able to get this information sooner - in the waiting room?

Which version?
macOS v4.6.21666.0427

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Authenticate Zoom SDK
  2. Get Zoom meeting service
  3. Join to a meeting with enabled waiting room
  4. Try to call meetingService.getMeetingProperty(MeetingPropertyCmd_Topic) while being in the waiting room



  • Device: MacbookPro
  • OS: macOS
  • Version 10.15.2 (19C57)
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I have to add to this that when I connect to a meeting using the Original iOS iPad app I do see the title of the meeting. So I’m not quite sure @Carson_Chen why wouldn’t the meeting title be accessible using the SDK methods :thinking:

@Carson_Chen can you help please?

Hi @dmiskiew,

Thanks for the post. This is by design. Only the hosts/participants who are in the meeting could get the meeting info. When a participant is in the waiting room and waiting for the host to admit, the participant is not yet in the meeting so he/she is not allowed to get the meeting info.


Hmm, I don’t understand that @Carson_Chen to be honest.

Two points:

  1. When I invite you to the meeting you know the title of the meeting. It’s not a secret.

  2. The original zoom app displays the Meeting Title when I’m in the waiting room.

Can you please explain what are we missing here?

Hi @tmiskiew,

Yes, the Zoom client allows seeing the meeting title while in the waiting room. However, in order to ensure security and privacy, avoid having malware or bots to join a meeting, and then grab the info and go, our SDK does not allow using an interface to get meeting info while in the waiting room.

Hope this helps. Thanks!