Why there is no Close button in participants view

I use latest IOS SDK, but I find there is no close button in participants view. After I click participants button, I can’t close this dialog, I have to kill app and join again.

I checked that it was ok. Could you provide more information, such as SDK version number and ios system version number.

Hi Murray
my sdk version is: [v4.1.34076.1024] , ios system

Can you tell me that this is a custom UI?Check that the local string contains a key of "Close "with an empty value?

it’s not a custom UI, but I copy your orginal demo project local string content. I search it and found there is no any string recourse which name is “Close” =xxx.

another info: I add “Close” = “Close”; and “Close”="关闭“ in string resource file, but it’s not useful.

in order to fix this issue, I use “self.meetingSetting.meetingParticipantHidden = YES;” to hide users list button, but I found it does not work for the first time join meeting. only quit and rejoin it works well

I check the code,if it’s not a custom UI, and you didn’t implement - (BOOL) onClickedParticipantsButton (parentVC UIViewController *);
The Participant view should be like this:

So I wonder if your screenshot is our sample code?Or can you tell me what code you added

  • (BOOL) onClickedParticipantsButton (parentVC UIViewController *);
    as you said, I add this method. after comment it, the UI is same as what you said.

Thanks Murray

I’m glad to solve your problem.
Thanks for using our SDK

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