WhyI am Getting invalid URl even with default postman callback

Invalid redirect: https://oauth.pstmn.io/v1/callback (4,700)

I tried to get token in postman i am getting this. any Guess!!!

Hi @anupam , has the postman domain been added to the app’s allow list?

Sorry for viewing late i was able to solve it in popst man hence started intergrating the same for my app.
Now i am getting code but to get the token i get invalid URL

After I get aith code i pass the same to get token
here is the java code from my app
String code = request.getParameter(“code”);
String tokenurl = “https://zoom.us/oauth/token?grant_type=authorization_code&code=” + code + “&redirect_uri=https://dev.gsmls.com/member/common/include/trainingauth.jsp”;