Get new access token problem with postman

*While attempting to generate an OAuth access token with postman , I’m getting the below error message despite being an owner on the Zoom account. No other details of below error. what is the problem ? could you please help?

You can not install this app.

developer tools screenshot:

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. I downloaded the postman templates from zoom documentation and ı filled the clientid and secret and callback url and try but geting error.

Hi @guncer1 ,

Do you have permission to install apps to your account?

Have you put the callback url on you auth allow list for the set of credentials you are using to request an access token?

Alternatively, if using Postman to authorize, please try checking “authorize using browser” and adding to your auth allow list and trying again.

I am a owner. where do i get permission to install apps on account ?I haven’t seen such a step anywhere. I’m trying to get a code for my own dummy app on my own account.
Yes ı put callback url to allow list.
alternatively, ı tried your solution ( authorize using browser) but I got another error. Invalid redirect: (4,700)


Hi @guncer1 ,

If you’re installing the application on your own user account, navigate to “local test” and follow the directions to install. If you were doing an account-wide install for many users, you’d follow this guidance for configuration:,the%20toggle%20to%20enable%20it.

This may be because you have to uninstall the app via “local test”, save the new URL on the allow list, and install again before trying to create a token with the credentials.

Hi Gianni,
thank you for your support, I got a successful response.

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Great, glad to hear it! Thank you for using the Zoom Developer Platform!