Windows Client: Direct call meeting via Zoom client command prompt always prompts for meeting passcode

I like to join a Zoom meeting via URL but without the need to start the standard browser first. The reason is, that the standard browser mays ask for permission to open the Zoom client. And since Zoom should be used by elderly people which are not used to work with a mouse, this prompt makes it too difficult to join a meeting.

But there exists a solution since the windows client, zoom.exe can be called using a parameter:

zoom.exe "--url=zoommtg://<your_conference_number>&pwd=<hashed_password>"

This works partly but the user is always prompted to enter the meeting passcode. The documentation states to use the hashed password. I used the same hashed password with is used to generate the invitation link in the Zoom client or on the personal account page. But it does not work to join the meeting without being prompted.

How can I fix this?

Which version?
Latest Windows Zoom client 5.4.6

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device Spec: PC
  • OS: Windows 10

Hey @jsp,

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Does the password prompt in both your SDK application and the Zoom Client application when using one of these links?