Windows demo app, how to use SSO account to join?


I can build the windows native sdk_demo app and use API user to join. However, is there any way to join as myself, who is a pro account holder? my account is authenticated through SSO.


I tried to get an oauth token and used that in the LoginParam.ut.ssoLogin.ssoToken, but it still failed.

Hi guowei,

If you have a SSO token, you can use the SSO login functionality. We do not have SSO login in sdk_demo, you may need to use sdk_demo_v2 to experience the SSO login.

The SSO token is different from the OAuth token, the SSO token is usually provided by the Identity Provider(IdP), please see: for more info.


Got it. I’ll go to my idp for such token. Makes sense.

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Thanks for your help Carson! :slight_smile:


Ok, I got a session token from okta but my log-in still failed. Really need some help here!



My code is the following

param.ut.ssoLogin.bRememberMe = true;
param.ut.ssoLogin.ssoToken = strToken.c_str();
param.loginType = ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::LoginType::LoginType_SSO;
bool bRet = m_pAuthServiceMgr->Login(param);

“expiresAt”: “2019-10-10T23:16:39.000Z”,
“status”: “SUCCESS”,
“sessionToken”: “<< obfuscated >>”,
“_embedded”: {
“user”: {
“id”: “<< obfuscated >>”,
“passwordChanged”: “2019-09-14T22:47:24.000Z”,
“profile”: {
“login”: “email”,
“firstName”: “firstname”,
“lastName”: “last name”,
“locale”: “en”,
“timeZone”: “America/Los_Angeles”
“_links”: {
“cancel”: {
“href”: “url”,
“hints”: {
“allow”: [

never mind. found a way to get the token.

Hi Guowei,

Glad to hear that you found the solution. I have modified your post a little bit since it contains your personal info. Let me know if you have any questions.