Windows SDK - Get Other participant's Video Stream and Embed in an existing WPF Window?


I have set up a developer account and tried out the Demo for Zoom Desktop SDK C# Wrapper.

Few things I am not very clear of so I will explain what I am looking for to do with Zoom:

We need to create a meeting between two participants. One of them (fixed) will always join via Audio and other participant joins (fixed) always with Audio + Video.

The one who joins via Audio only needs to see other participant’s Video / Audio stream (nothing more in teams of controls or settings or gallery view).
The one who joins via Audio and Video - only needs to see Audio Only’s participant’s voice.

We wish to use the C# wrapper Desktop SDK in our WPF app to achieve this.

When I tested the Desktop C# sample demo, I was able to successfully join/start meeting. But every time it does so - it opens a new instance of the window - not sure how to control that much yet.

Is there a way to embed this window or just extract the “other participant’s video / audio stream” part of that UI and embed it in an existing UI?

I hope what I explained makes sense, thanks in advance

Hi j.chauhan,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Based on your requirements, this kind of behavior cannot be achieved with the Zoom default UI, you might need to use the Custom UI to do it. And regarding the video/audio stream, currently we do not have this feature available.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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Thanks @Carson_Chen for the response.

Assuming splitting of streams or getting just one participant’s audio/video stream is far fetched.

Can I at least get an instance of the Zoom meeting window and embed it into an existing WPF screen?

Like this screenshot of zoom meeting when i run the C# wrapper sample

If I can get a handle of this instance control, I would like to embed it in our existing WPF windows screen?

Also need some document reference (I am a C# developer who does not read/understand C++ well) on how can I show hide buttons/actions on this screen - like “invite”, “participants”, “share”, “chat” and “record”?

@Carson_Chen Or as you said - do you have some pointers on how can I setup custom UI for the things I need instead of using Default Zoom UI Window?

Again looking for more C# guidance as I don’t understand C++ well

Hi j.chauhan,

Thanks for your reply. Our Zoom UI windows do not support to be embedded into other windows. Our C# wrapper is a wrapper build on top of the Windows C++ SDK, and it is a community project. Currently in C# wrapper we only have the interface available to hide the “Invite button” CMeetingConfigurationDotNetWrap.EnableInviteButtonOnMeetingUI(), if you would like to hide other buttons, you could refer to the implementation of hiding the invite button, and call the corresponding methods in the Windows C++ SDK to hide other buttons.

This C# wrapper is a community project thus we do not have too many instructions at the moment.

Hope this helps. Thanks!