WinSDK inputMeetingPassword dialog on Start

When I try to start a start a meeting, everytime the main meeting window asks for a password.
Is there a method to disable that dialog and to set a password programmatically.

Thanks for your help…

Hi alicanygor,
Thanks for the post. I tried to reproduce your scenario shown in the screenshot. It looks like you are using the email login method and would like to join a meeting. However,

  • The pop-up does not show up unless the meeting itself require a password when you join a meeting and you did not enter the password in the previous pop-up.
  • I also tried to start a prescheduled meeting or an instant meeting, this pop-up does not show up as well.

Could you provide more detail on how to reproduce this scenario if the above situation(Join a meeting that requires a password) is not the case?

Regarding set a password programmatically, yes, you can set the password in the code, if you look at the “Join_meeting_for_login_user_ui.cpp” file in our sdk_demo_v2 demo, you will find the following code snippet(line 58 - 69):

	std::wstring strMeetingPassword = m_editMeetingPassword->GetText().GetData();
	std::wstring strUserName = m_editScreenName->GetText().GetData();
	if (strMeetingNumber.length() <= 0)

	ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::JoinParam joinParam;
	ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::JoinParam4NormalUser& normalParam = joinParam.param.normaluserJoin;
	normalParam.meetingNumber = _wtoi64(strMeetingNumber.c_str());
	normalParam.vanityID = NULL;
	normalParam.userName = strUserName.c_str();
	normalParam.psw = strMeetingPassword.c_str();

Here in the demo, we fetch the password info from the UI, you can modifty the code and set a password programmatically.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thank you for your answer.
I am using SSO Login. When the application starts, the new person is always participating with the “Video meeting” button. (By the way, all screens are bypassed. So I’m doing the autologin).
In the Join_meeting_for_login_user_ui.cpp file, I give my password to strMeetingPassword. (I’m not joining because I’m not using the Join_meeting_for_login_user_ui.cpp file)
When I click the Join button, meeting_number, meeting_password, and user name information are requested. However, I have token information of the person, the user name information is stored in the token. So, I don’t use the join button.

My token example:

(p= password

I hope I can explain this.

Hi alicanaygor,
Thanks for the details.

  1. SSO login acts as a normal login, you can call the start/join method to start/join the meeting after you successfully logged in with SSO. If you would like to use tokens to start/join a meeting, you need to use REST API and associated methods to start/join a meeting:
  2. If you do not want to use Join_meeting_for_login_user_ui.cpp, you can refer to the code in CSDKJoinMeetingForLoginUserUIGroup::DoJoinMeetingBtnClick(), instantiate a JoinParam object, and then call the CMeetingService.Join() method to join the meeting.
  3. The objective of our demo is to show the workflow. The windows and all other UI components are configurable and they are not controlled by SDK. You can configure your code to show/hide the UI components.

Hope this helps. Thanks!