You cannot start the meeting because it is hosted by another user zoom

yea but sometime it broken after 2-3 days

No no I don’t think so It broken…Most Probably some issue occurs on your end. Please reconfirm the things.

Hey @Waleed-Afzal, @Endyrus, @CIDET, @mtutty,

Please try getting the updated start_url from the Get Meeting endpoint.

The start_url of a meeting is a URL using which a host or an alternative host can start a meeting. The expiration time for the start_url field is two hours for all regular users.

For users created using the custCreate option via the Create Users API, the expiration time of the start_url field is 90 days.

Let me know if that fixes the issue.


Hi, i did. But after retrive meetting, password will renewed and join_url will crash, hash in url will be broken too for users received join url before retrive meetting

This doesn’t make sense to me. Are you suggesting that the URL returned by the POST API call to create the meeting is wrong?

I have another symptom to throw into the mix. We’re doing OAuth drive-by in a pop-up to Zoom to get the auth key for subsequent API request on behalf of the starting user. I get prompted to log in much more frequently than a week or two ago (like every other time I use the feature, even if those attempts are only an hour or two apart), and I also get prompted to allow our App to use my Zoom account basically every time I create a meeting. That also didn’t used to be true.

Thank God @tommy you replied us after 8- 10 days. I understand the work load on zoom in COVID-19 panademic but 8-10 days are too much.

Anyways I was found the custCreate solution but Now issue is what I can do with owner account which was already created with zoom signup.

Actually we have buy a business account with 10 hosts. I had already created 9 licensed users with custCreate API and now its fine but what I can do with 10th one because 10th licensed account is owner’s account and if I schedule a meeting with start_url with owner account than it creates same issue.

How I use my 10th host. Need you guidance here.


create another account and reassign license. Why not?

Hey @Endyrus, @mtutty,

The start_url in the create meeting response will work up until two hours. Once two hours has passed, you need to regenerate the start_url via the Get Meeting endpoint.

Make sure you are using the refresh token flow and not authorizing the user each time.


Hey @Waleed-Afzal,

We are doing our best to support everyone as soon as possible. Apologies for the delays.

Every Zoom account will have 1 account owner. If you need more licenses, for custCreate users please buy more.


I have custCreate user and
For users created using the custCreate option via the Create Users API, the expiration time of the start_url field is 90 days

Hey @Endyrus,

Gotcha. Can you send all these details and a test start_url that is throwing this error to so we can reproduce the issue.