You have exceeded the limit of license assignment for your account. Buy more licenses to increase the limit

Today I was able to transfer the license.

Having the same problem! We have licenses being held hostage! This limitation is ridiculous. Forcing us to buy more licenses in order to use the ones we already pay for is a very bad move. Looking into a plan B, if this continues we will be saying bye bye to zoom.

My team has switched services. We understand the new policies, but changing the way the service works without notice and leaving us on the dark for half a month is not the way to go.

Had they let us know via e-mail or something beforehand, we would have prepared and probably would have just bought the extra licenses. We were already considering it, but if this is how they operate, just changing whenever they feel like it, I don’t feel comfortable with this service anymore.


Hello. Is there any solution for this? I have 3 licences that I cannot assign to anyone. Please help!

Hi Elisa, I need help with this as well, please do get back to us.

Hello everyone! We ended up getting some answers about this change. Below is a handy little FAQ that we made on the change.

What is the rate limit based on?
The rate limits are dynamic and are based on the number of Zoom One or Meetings licenses purchased.

But I was allowed to do this before without any penalty at all
Yes, and because of that, Zoom is imposing rate limits on the amount of times you can assign a license to a different user instead of abruptly stopping the practice.

What are the new rate limits then?
The new rate limits are dynamic, and unfortunately we will not be able to share the exact rate limit formula. I know that there was a response posted here that gave some info about the rate limits, but that looks to be from an earlier iteration. I wouldn’t take that information as true.

Who is going to be the most impacted by this change?
We can’t share that information, but we can state that accounts on the free tier are not impacted by this rate limit.

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The product team made this change to stop unauthorized reselling. From my understanding, they narrowed down on assigning licenses as a good heuristic to combat that. Now, if you all have legit use-cases that involve reassigning licenses, then feel free to DM me about them and I’ll bubble it up to the product team.


This change will fix the issue, for sure, by pushing users away…

In the last month, i had 30 meetings, created by approximatly 15 users. So, each user made 2 meetings in the month.
There is no way i get 15 licences each month for 2 meetings each. Not talking about the fact I would be limited to 9 pro licences…

I like the product, but not enough to pay that much when free tools are nearly as good for free.

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How can I send you a DM? I think it is not available for new accounts

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I, too, have been using my pro license legitimately (as permitted in Zoom’s Terms of Service that I agreed to) but suddenly I can no longer use it. I’ve asked for refund but have not received any response. I cannot seem to send you a DM, either.

Hey Shariq, I am having the exact issue…6 licenses, but they are only allow me to use 4 of them with the “limit exceeded” message. I having been trying to figure out how to DM you but cannot, any help?

Hi @shariq.torres,

I am having the exact same problems - I have 6 licenses that I use between 10 part-time employees, and now I can’t reassign those licenses any longer, and my I have two licenses that are not assigned at all that I can’t assign at all. Please help! I don’t know how to DM you so I’m posting here.

So this problem has been going on unresolved for a month now? Wow, time to check out your competitor then, Zoom.

Having the exact same problem. Three licenses and none active, can’t even activate it on the owner’s account, i.e. the account paying for all the licenses.

Amazing, simply amazing.

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Hi Shariq, how to DM you? Mine team all are legit user, and we use it without issue at all for the pass 3 years. With your sudden change of policy give us a big hassle for coming months.
I don’t know how to prove to you, if can you may check out pass record though.
Please help us arrange it back to normal.

Given Zoom’s problem, I contracted with Microsoft 365 (which includes Teams) this week.

Hey zoom we already submit ticket on but no answers? We already purchased the license for this month but still can use it as every user changed to basic and cant change it back to licensed… We are already use your service for the last two years but if you still give no answer, we will ended the service subscription from this month. Thanks

[I tried reposting for clarification but was told by the system that I can no longer post a reply to this thread. Please forgive any confusion.]

For information, the section “1.2 Prohibition on Sharing” in Zoom’s Terms of Service did not exist until March 31, 2023. This particular change was made without notice (admitted by Zoom’s own “support”), against previous versions of Terms of Service:

Zoom will exercise commercially reasonable business efforts to provide notice to You of any material changes to this Agreement.

(I assume that e-mails to users are “commercially reasonable business efforts”.)

The above sentence itself has been removed without notice to users.

Note also the “assignment” was permitted in the previous Terms of Service

Sharing of Host subscriptions with anyone other than the individual assigned to be a Host is strictly prohibited.

as well as in the “Services Description” (even the present version!)

A Host subscription may not be shared or used by anyone other than the individual assigned to be a Host.

(emphases by me) which is also referred to from the Terms of Service, though the former sentence has also been removed without notice.

None of the Zoom employees themselves I’ve communicated were aware of those changes of words without notice; some of them even made false statements about their own previous Terms of Service.

I have one user that was assigned a license, what I did is, I set that user to “basic” so that I could transfer the license to one of my colleagues. Take note that it’s the first time that I’m going to transfer a license for this month, unfortunately, it won’t allow me.

It warns me that " You have exceeded the limit of license assignment for your account. Buy more licenses to increase the limit."

Now, I have one license that I can’t transfer or use

I don’t think things are going to go back to how they were before as this is Zoom’s new policy going forward. I have reached out to the engineering team with valid use-cases that require reassigning licenses. If you have a valid use-case, DM me and I will pass it along.

Once more, the “new policy” has been introduced by Zoom against existing contracts with existing users, as described in: You have exceeded the limit of license assignment for your account. Buy more licenses to increase the limit - #106 by juser2