Your application is scheduled to be suspended

Zoom Apps Configuration
Android Meeting SDK App.

We received an email stating the following:

According to our records, you did not submit your application for review by the deadline, and as a result, your application is scheduled to be suspended on August 28, 2023.

Because our Zoom application has “intend to publish” as no, it is confusing to us that we would be required to submit our application for review. My understanding is that a review is only needed for apps that are to be published in the app store. Can you confirm my understanding?

Although the email we received does not state this, I have a hunch that our app may be out of compliance and flagged for suspension because it is not an OAuth app. The email is a bit confusing and I’m trying to determine the proper course of action to take. I don’t believe the right course of action is to submit our app for review.

Any help or advice is welcome,

Hi @timgerdin
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here
Let me look into this issue and will get back to you.

If your app currently joins meetings that belong to other accounts, then your app must be published.
If this is an internal app with the intend to publish “no” then I do not think you need to submit for review, but I could be wrong.
Let me take a closer look and will get back to you