Difficulty with app review

We are integrating Zoom through the API provided by Zoom, providing an entry point to create Zoom meetings in our app, just like the Google Workspace add-on provided by Zoom.
But we had trouble publishing the app on the Zoom App Marketplace. Our app is a client application, and the zoom-integrated version has not yet been released and the production version of our app will not be available until the end of December. And since our development environment requires intranet access, it may not be possible to provide an installation package for testing.
It is too late for us to provide software for testing after we have officially launched. In this case, is there any way to complete the application review as soon as possible?

Hi @open-platform , our App Review team is flexible and will work to help accommodate, but ultimately will need a way to complete functional and security testing in order to approve it for public availability.

Is the issue that the Zoom-integrated version will not be ready with enough time to review before a production release? We do make guarantees to all developers to accept submissions on a rolling basis; I’d recommend the best route would be to submit the app as soon as possible and start the conversation with the App Review team.

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