Zoom Chrome Extension Deleting Our API Created Zoom Links in Google Calendar

I know this is a loose fit but its quite a destructive bug for our mutual customers as they use these Zoom links to conduct interviews.

Meeting SDK Type and Version
These are “scheduled” meetings that we add to Google Calendar events


We create google calendar events and zoom meetings for our mutual customers but the Zoom Chrome Extension is deleting these meetings upon opening the calendar event edit flow in Google Calendar. (Important: on open, not on save)

Here is a loom reproducing the issue with the Zoom Chrome Extension:


Zoom meeting has been deleted. You can recover this meeting within 7 days…

Troubleshooting Routes

Here is a loom of there being no issue with the Zoom Chrome Extension uninstalled:

How To Reproduce

  • Create a scheduled Zoom Meeting from the API
  • Create a Google Calendar Event from the API with the Zoom Meeting’s url in the Location field and the conference data set like so
"conferenceData": {
    "entryPoints": [
      "entryPointType": "video",
      "uri": "https://us05web.zoom.us/j/83091533990?pwd=Fd4zLl8WkN8gGcffGVSp0XZcwWwWoa.1",
      "label": "us05web.zoom.us/j/83091533990?pwd=Fd4zLl8WkN8gGcffGVSp0XZcwWwWoa.1",
      "meetingCode": "83091533990"
    "conferenceSolution": {
     "key": {
      "type": "addOn"
     "name": "Zoom Meeting"
    "conferenceId": "83091533990"
  • Open the Google Calendar event with Zoom Chrome Extension installed and logged into the Host of the Zoom Meeting.
  • See the Zoom Meeting Deleted banner.

We’ve gotten a large increase in reports of “Invalid Meeting Id” starting in December. Any help on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @chrismodernloop ,

Thanks so much for your detailed reporting! I’ve escalated this as a bug and am awaiting news from our service engineering team (ZSEE-116853).

Hi @chrismodernloop we found the delete request for 83091533990 is coming from mimo. Is that a product you’re using? Additionally are you using Google API also in the second step?

Sorry I’m not sure what “mimo” is, do you have any more information about this? The team and I did go through this process many times including recovering the meeting and reproducing the deletion.

Let me know if you need a fresh repro!

You can see from the two videos in the original post that the deletion alert happens only when the Zoom chrome extension is active.

Yes we set the conferenceData for the Google Event creation on the events that this happens on.

Thank you!

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Hi @chrismodernloop ,

This is mimo: App Marketplace

Do you have this marketplace app installed?

Thank you for confirming.

Nope! Mimo is not installed on our Zoom account as per App Marketplace

Thanks, just shared the additional info and will let you know if anything else is needed @chrismodernloop !

Hi @chrismodernloop , we are not able to reproduce this. Can you please share a recording demonstrating how you’re calling/using the Google API? Please show how you’re creating the event.