Zoom Accounts and Users for integration in 3rd-party app

Good morning. We are building free web application and want to integrate zoom as service for creating video conferences. Our system will have a lot of users that will be able to setup and join conference that will display Zoom meeting inside of app screen. We are little confused with meaning of “Account” and “User”. What should we do to be able to create a lot of conferences and start them in parallel if needed? If I understood correctly we should create one account for whole web application and create new users inside of this account for each our internal users, right? By using one account we can setup all our meetings via Zoom API and join all our users to? If yes, if there are any restriction how many users can have one account and how many conferences can be created by one account? Thanks a lot.

Hey @sanyaaxel94,

Are you wanting to create Zoom accounts for your conference members, or are you wanting them to connect their existing Zoom accounts to your application?


No, user should know nothing about Zoom accounts/users. It is like build-in feature of our application - conferences. So we want to create accounts or users inside one account but doesn’t know which way should we choose?

I see @sanyaaxel94!

You can create as many Zoom users as you need via the API, to be able to create and host in parallel meetings.


The best way would be to create these users dynamically via the custCreate option on the ISV plan.

Checkout the different user types you can create with the API here: