Zoom and Marketing cloud Integration not working

‎2024-05-07 12:27 AM

We exclusively rely on a Webhook-only application to capture Webinar Registrations data.It was working smoothly. However, we’ve observed a sudden halt in data transmission to our Marketing Cloud data extension. No modifications were made on our end within the Marketing Cloud platform.

Deployment : 2023-10-10 . No data coming since : 2023-11-05

In an attempt to troubleshoot, we re-validated the endpoint, only to encounter an ‘Please validate your endpoint URL’ error message.Zoom support team indicated a potential issue with the hash value, but it puzzles us why this discrepancy arose now when the system operated flawlessly last year.

Interestingly, we noticed two records were captured in the Marketing Cloud data extension recently, but upon personal testing, the system remains unresponsive.

Are there any recent updates pertaining to hash response mechanisms, particularly HMAC-SHA, that could shed light on this issue?

The halt in data transmission to your Marketing Cloud data extension could be due to changes in Zoom’s hash validation mechanisms, particularly with HMAC-SHA, which might explain why the system suddenly stopped working despite no changes on your end. Verify your endpoint URL accessibility, SSL/TLS certificate validity, and webhook settings in Zoom. Ensure the secret key for HMAC-SHA is consistent and correctly implemented in your server. Examine recent records for discrepancies, use logging to debug and resolve this issue

Hi @thefixmyspeakers

Thanks for your response. I attempted the endpoint validation but encountered an error: ‘URL validation failed. Try again later.’ We haven’t made any changes to either system. We also verified that the secret key is identical on both systems.

We thought the issue is with HMAC-SHA as Marketing cloud is not capable of generating the HMAC-SHA. We are currently using AMPscript SHA() function

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Hi @thefixmyspeakers
how to do this Verify your endpoint URL accessibility, SSL/TLS certificate validity, and webhook settings in Zoom?