Zoom android sdk clears local storage data of webview

Android sdk version: v 5.10.6

After starting Zoom meeting from android application webview, local sorage gets cleared.

In Zoom Android SDK Version : v5.9.6 it is working fine.

The local storage is a place where a website stores info (eg tokens)
Refer link [Window localStorage Property ]

We have an Web application hosted. We have made an android app using web view. Refer Building web apps in WebView | Web Apps | Android Developers .

On the start of android application we load the url of our web application, giving end user experience as a native android application.

Now our web application uses local storage to store sessions and other data. We have used zoom native sdk to join meeting from android application. The launch of meeting is working, but as soon as user joins the meeting, local storage gets cleared.

The expected result I am expecting is:
User running web application on android web view → Joins meeting using Zoom native sdk join → Meeting launched and ended after some time(should not clear any local storage) → user returned to web application on android web view as local storage is not cleared the user will continue to use application without logging out.

I hope you got the issue. Please reach me out in case of any query.

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