Zoom android sdk clears local storage data

My organization is having an hybrid mobile application implemented with the help of webview. We store tokens and other valuable info in local storage of webview. Recently we are trying to add a meeting sdk to our app. On POC with zoom android sdk we found out that on launching meeting, the zoom sdk works fine but the local storage value of web view is being removed/cleared. Causing our hybrid application to stop working.

We look forward for any support/assistance from the community.

Thanks in advance, pls free to ask for more info

Hi @jainvishal258, thanks for using the dev forum.

Can you please clarify which version of the SDK you are using? Also, can you provide more context of what type of storage is being cleared (e.g. a local database, shared preferences, etc.)?


Thanks for the quick response.

Android sdk version: v5.9.1.3674

The local storage is a place where a website stores info (eg tokens)
Refer link Window localStorage Property.

We have an Web application hosted. We have made an android hybrid app using web view. Refer Building web apps in WebView  |  Web Apps  |  Android Developers.

On the start of android application we load the url of our web application, giving end user experience as a native android application.

Now our web application uses local storage to store sessions and other data. We have used zoom native sdk to join meeting from android application. The launch of meeting is working, but as soon as user joins the meeting, local storage gets cleared. Making our application forced to log out user.

The expected result I am expecting is:
User running web application on android web view → Joins meeting using Zoom native sdk join → Meeting launched and ended after some time(should not clear any local storage) → user returned to web application on android web view as local storage is not cleared the user will continue to use application without logging out.

I hope you got the gist. For more info and clarity pls feel free to contact me.

Hi @jainvishal258,

Thanks for the additional context around your implementation. Since the Meeting SDK is a native implementation, it does not change the behavior of the WebView used in your app.

When the Meeting SDK is used to start/join a meeting, it starts a new Activity in your app containing the default meeting UI. It sounds like navigating away from the Activity which contains your WebView to show the meeting UI is causing data to be lost once the MeetingActivity instance is cleared from the stack.

You can verify whether or not the above assertion is true in your app by creating a blank Activity and starting it instead of calling into the Meeting SDK. Navigating back to the Activity containing your WebView from here should give you an answer. :slightly_smiling_face:


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