Zoom Android SDK is clearing WebView local storage across all origins

When starting / ending the meeting the Zoom SDK clears the local storage for webview across all origins. You can see the code here

public static void a(@NonNull Context context) {
ZMLog.d(a, "clearWebViewCache context = " + context, new Object[0]);
WebView b = b(context);
if (b != null) {
CookieManager instance = CookieManager.getInstance();
if (instance != null) {

This is causing our app to break, because in our app, we use the Zoom login to sign the user in and store the access token in the browser local storage. Because of above code, the zoom login information is lost and the user is signed out of the app abruptly.

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Is this the same issue?

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I am seeing the same issue as well, I figured out that zoom android sdk is clearing the local storage after ending the meeting and ending the app to logout, can you please fix this issue?

Yes its the same issue

We are affected too.

Our company health application uses React Native for iOS / Android for our customers.

We had the version of Zoom SDK without any problems.

To be prepared to the new minimum version policy on November, we updated the Zoom SDK to v5.11.3.7251, and the issue started. Is replicable on v5.9.0.3588 version too, so it’s impossible to comply with the new policy without being affected.

For us, this issue is really CRITICAL, as it clear all session cookies, localStorage, Service Worker and IndexedDB data, making our application unusable.

This response from Zoom https://devforum.zoom.us/t/zoom-android-sdk-clears-local-storage-data/63004/4 is not correct, it’s not an Activity stack issue, this not happens on the version.

The problem it’s exactly the code writted by Nitin above, introduced on the new Zoom SDK version in the ZmSecurityUtils.

I don’t know what Zoom developers are thinking by introducing this way of “data erase” without taking into consideration the collateral effects, but I’m sure this will happen to more and more people as November approaches.

Please, fix it as assap, as we only have 2 months before November deadline and the integration requires time to test before going production. We cannot have patients losing videoconsultation.

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You can disable the default behavior by using this interface MeetingSettingsHelper (Zoom.us SDK API Document).

Thanks Shariq, it worked for me, I added this line ZoomSDK.getInstance().meetingSettingsHelper.disableClearWebKitCache(true) and it is not clearning the local storage or cookies anymore

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is this really working??

What I did for my application is to copy all data (like localstorage and cookies) and save it locally before launching meeting. After meet ends i just put the saved data and reload webview.

If the mentioned method is working then it will save a reloading of the web application :slight_smile: