Zoom SDK Clears WKWebView localStorage

I work on an app that utilizes WKWebView during Zoom meetings. The WKWebView localStorage is also utilized, so the client can present information on the web view based off of the data in the localStorage. Ever since the upgrade to the new SDK, the behavior has been disabled. After looking into it, I found that the call to [MobileRTCMeetingService leaveMeetingWithCmd:LeaveMeetingCmd_End] is what is causing the localStorage data to be cleared. I’ve tried using a unique process pool for my web views, but that didn’t fix the issue. How can I disable this SDK behavior of clearing the localStorage?

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

Here is the code used to access the local storage data immediately before and after the meeting is ended.

Hi @mistermark ,
We have a interface in MobileRTCMeetingSetting.h, you can try it.

@brief Query if the action of clear WebView's cache be disabled.
 @return Action of clear WebView's cache is disabled or not.
- (BOOL)isDisabledClearWebKitCache;

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