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In our php app we need to get link to start a video call in the chat channel. In zoom API docs I found only endpoint to create meeting and add partisipants (adding require licensed user). Is there any way to get such link to make video call with all members of chat channel?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @qarun685 ,

At this time there is not an endpoint to programmatically invite a chat channel to a meeting, but I will double check with my teammates and inquire about this as a feature request if there is not a way that exists.

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hi Gianni, I would appreciate it,

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Greetings, @qarun685,

As shared by Gianni, at this time, there is not an endpoint to programmatically invite a chat channel to a meeting. I can understand why that would be handy. If you would like to directly provide your use case as a feature to be considered for a future release, please feel welcome to submit your ideas in the #feature-requests category.

That aside, a possible workflow you can consider to programmatically get a link to start a meeting with the chat channel members is:

  1. List all members of the chat channel
  2. Create a meeting for listed channel members
  3. Send a chat message with the meeting details.



Hi Donte,
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You’re welcome, @qarun685!

@qarun685 ,

Saw this Zoom Chat vs. In-Meeting Chat Blog and wanted to share it :

Thank you for choosing Zoom!

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