Missing Scope for Zoom Events (Server-to-Server OAuth)

We are trying to use the Zoom Events API for adding tickets/registrations. However, the Zoom Events scope appears to be missing while setting up the Server-to-Server OAuth App.

Thank you!


Thank you for your question @ablash! To begin, can you verify that Zoom events is enabled for the user role on your account?

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Thank you for the reply! We were testing this out with an admin role, which has edit permissions enabled for everything across the account. However, I do not see Zoom Events specifically listed under the Role settings. I have also confirmed that the admin account has a Zoom Events license.

Hi @donte.zoom, any updates on this?

Hello @donte.zoom. We’ve also notice Zoom Events scopes are currently missing within the Server-to-Server OAuth app. I see them in the OAuth app, though.

Is this expected behavior?

@tsantopietro-cea ,

Yes, that is expected behavior. It looks like Zoom Events APIs are available under the user-level Marketplace App OAuth type. Are you looking to use s Server-to-Server OAuth app type for a specific reason? If so, please share your use case and I will share it with the team.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


Could you please clarify the Marketplace App type and the specific Status you are checking for the Zoom Events API Scopes? Zoom Events API should be available under OAuth
User-Level Marketplace App type.

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