Zoom api integration on drupal

We are trying to add zoom features on a drupal website. Users will be able to create and start zoom meeting from their profile.


  1. Does zoom api integration requires a paid account?
    Refer to Pricing of Zoom API integration? - #2 by michael.harrington.
    Whether the reply above is still valid?

  2. How can we integrate zoopm meeting management from a drupal site. I mean what technical solutions we can use please?

Thamk you

Hi @bhundhoo ,

Yes this is still true, although some of our API endpoints require paid licensing. There are prerequisites on our API endpoints’ pages that say what type of plan is needed. See below for example:


Which endpoints are you interested in?


Hi. Thanks for your valuable reply.

I am simply interested in basic operations like creating and launching meetings my meeting from a web page .

What endpoint will that be please?

Thank you

Hi @gianni.zoom
Thank you for your reply.

I need basic function like create a meeting, launch a meeting, retrieve our meetings.

Do we need a paid account for these call to api?


Hi @bhundhoo ,

Our Docs were updated over the weekend – here’s the new links:


You cannot launch a meeting from an API endpoint at this time.

Thank you,

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