Zoom API Integration- Sign In Issue

While doing the call for zoom oauth from my web application, I am asked to login to my account registered in my zoom app. How can I prevent this? Because if someone else uses my application he/she might not have my mail id and credentials to do so.

So how can I allow anyone who uses my application to schedule a meeting (by invoking zoom api from the backdrop)?

Hi @iamaish2012

In order for you to be able to authorize and OAuth app and make calls to our APIs, you have to login to your account (the one associated with the app), if your app is not published in the Marketplace.

If you would like 3rd party users to authorize and use your app then you will need to develop your app and submit it for review with our Marketplace team:


Do I have to give my billing details for the same?

You do not need to give your billing details to authorize an app in your account @imranmhd600

I am trying to submit my app for approval so that I can use it in my application but it’s throwing an error saying app icon is not available. This is not allowing me to submit my app. Can you please guide me on this?

Hey @iamaish2012

Can you share a screenshot of the error? This is not something I have heard about before.
Make sure to meet the requirements when submitting your app
Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 8.43.34 PM


I have raised another query from my application account camohealthdev@gmail.com for zoom developer forum support. we can close this request as of now.

Thanks for the update @iamaish2012